I Can Only Lose Playing Stink Eye With the Giant Eyeball of Avarice


Acrylic on canvas board, 20 x 16″

Here are some campaign promises. I can offer nothing more nor less.
I will not debate another candidate. I will not speak of qualifications, nor defend my past. The constitution has already qualified me. I am over 25. I have been a citizen of the United States and lived in New York State for 50 years, and my children love me. That is enough.

1. I will serve only one term.

2. I will donate half of my salary after payouts to a one time meritorious scholarship opportunity for two high school students in my district.

3. I will not take any benefit that is not offered to my constituency.

4. I will hire only one staff member if allowed by rules of Congress.

5. I will vote only on bills that I am able to read as time allows in a standard work week.

6. While Congressperson, I will make no appearances in public outside of my office, the steps of U.S. Congress, or on my way to the mailbox.

7. I will not have any contact with lobbyists. Only individual constituents representing themselves or district non-profits shall be heard.

8. I will carefully consider the initiation for ratification of amendments described in Article V of the Constitution.

9. I will not vote on any bill that interferes with the people’s rights. Instead I shall openly advocate and educate on the amendment process.

Finally, and this may come as a surprise to both established parties, I very much intend to win, or lose, depending on how seriously I am taken. Still, I believe if given a sober third choice advocating passionate political reason, that only an ignoramus would cast a vote for a same ole Republicrat or Democran, knowing what he or she has come to know about our failing institution of federal government.

I think I have a pretty good chance.

Or not.

I will only engage with the public via my blog, Twitter, and periodic exhibition. If media wishes to interview me, I may invite it to my house, provided it brings a bottle of wine, or like kindness. I will be out in full one-man-show force in early July to mid-August acquiring 3,500 signatures on my petition for Independent status on the 2018 ballot.

Thank you!